Tuesday, July 13, 2010

The Great Outdoors: Goat Lake

Meandering through an easy trail, alongside a swift river with a breathtaking waterfall at the top would make anyone feel the need to tinkle. 2 1/2 hours hiking next to rushing water will wear a hole in your "I can hold it 5 more minutes" psyche. However, if you have picked Goat Lake for your backpacking needs fear not, they do equip the campground with not one but two toilets! As I set my pack down, in one of the last camping spots available at this popular backpacker destination, all I could think about was tinkling. I followed the first sign to tinkle-land; a pictogram of an outhouse. Up and up I climbed still not seeing the toilet. I passed another sign which read "toilet", however still no sign of this outhouse. A couple more steps reveled to my horror a wooden box. Hmmm.... "This can't be it, there are no walls!" I thought to myself. I walked over and opened what appeared to be a lid. As I lifted it became clear, this was the toilet. However open and wall-less this toilet was, it was far enough away from any campsite to feel extreme paranoia as a dropped my drawers. It was one step up from peeing in the woods, however there were no pangs of guilt for using toilet paper.
*note- Goat Lake is extremely beautiful and it's a great day hike or over night weekend spot.

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  1. Omg. You are my hero. I don't know how you did it?!?!? That sounds like my personal hell. I always have to 'build a nest' or use bathe in inti-bactierial gel afterwards. You go Girl! Ew. :\