Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Mozart room at the Gingerbread Cottage

First I have to say that the Gingerbread cottage is an ideal little haven for a weekend getaway with your lover (wink) or just some friends. We fit 3 very comfortably in the Mozart room which holds one full bed and one single bed. The Austrian woman who started the B&B decorated the Mozart room with what else but Mozart memorabilia. There are several Mozart portraits and items from his home town in Austria. But enough about the room this blog is all about the potties!

The bathroom in the Mozart room is adorable. Although the decor is something you might imagine in grandma's house, it was perfect for the cottage. Floral fabric lined toilet seat with matching window and shower curtains you will feel at ease doing all your business. One thing I will warn is the shower... It's tiny and unless you are my height (5'5") or shorter you may be reenacting the shower scene from the movie "Elf". Also in traditional GB and commonwealth fashion the sink is outside of the toilet. Which is great for multiple guests. While one person tends to their Mohawk the other can tinkle or shower in peace.

Victoria public urinals

If you ever find yourself busting to tinkle in Victoria B.C., a male and stumbling home to your gorgeous B&B than stop at none other than the public urinals! That's right folks the thoughtful peeps of Victoria were thinking of you. Make sure you aim... there is not a lot of room for error. Also if you happen to be traveling with 3 other guys don't worry you won't have to fight for who goes first! You can all go at the same time! No that is not some sick joke, these public urinals are partitioned off for 4 people. Look how lucky you are!